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Educate INDIA & Various Stakeholders of the program who made it possible to bring to you

  1. Educate INDIA © Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Educate INDIA Scholarship Initiative is supported and sponsored by Academy of Robotics Pvt Ltd., collaboratively with either or multiple of various stakeholders  like Vasavi Clubs International, Rotary Club Visakhapatnam, ISHRAE, IMPACT Foundation, Free Masonry and few others.
  3. The Scholarship is backed by the collaborative effort of the stakeholders mentioned above.
  4. Students must be on video on during the session, and Roll number and Student name should be properly visible in the Online Meeting tool. Failure of the above, the said student will not be allowed to stay in the online class of the day.
  5. The classroom Zoom link should not be shred outside the classroom.
  6. Students can buy maximum 5 courses or as mentioned specifically at that time of registration, under this Scholarship.
  7. Parents can use the coupons simultaneously or sequentially one after one, with a maximum 1-month idle time overall. 
  8. Certification will be given within 4 weeks post completion of the course subjected to 80% attendance by the student and Graduation day attendance marked.
  9. Student can repeat any course by paying for it. There are no free repetitions of any level, module or session
  10. In case of any reason whatsoever it is, if a session is not conducted or postponed, the same will be announced at a different date and the students will be informed 24 hrs in advance to schedule themselves. All pending sessions will be certainly covered as per the timelines. 
  11. Bonus sessions are free of cost and are not a mandatory in attendance and not binding for the children to attend.
  12. These are 100% paper less classrooms and paperless training. There won't be any printed or digital material or notes at any point of time.
  13. There won't be individual monitoring of the students during the sessions, but every day there will be Q&A session before and after that day's topic, and  we request the parents to encourage the students  to raise doubts or questions during that period without fail, all questions will be answered. 
  14. Booking a course is not a guarantee that the Scholarship is allocated, the company reserves the right to reject any application, in such a case, the amount paid will be refunded in full.
  15. New batches will be announced as and when the threshold limit is reached, there will certainly be a waiting time between batches to enable everyone to get the chance. Every batch will  be allotted a different time slot so that the students can opt as per their convenience.
  16. Any classes missed by the students, what ever might be the reason, there won't be any repetitions or the students are allowed to attend another batch for the same. The student should take care of proper internet availability and follow the time schedule. But, in case of a blackout or natural calamity for which most of the students cannot attend, then the sessions will be re-scheduled.
  17. Students are not evaluated or graded in the traditional method, rather overall performance is expected to improve through demos and interactive sessions. Every student is just Awesome to us.
  18. There won't be any recording of the session provided under any circumstance. If explicitly required, the parent can request 24hrs on beforehand by paying INR 750/- per session video recording as service charges for the same. And the same will be made available for 24 hrs on YouTube for the student.
  19. Complementary Bonus Modules, Competitions, Code Expos, Galas, Parents Meet, Demo Day, Graduation Day and more will be announced from time to time and are 100% free to the registered students.
  20. These are Experiential Learning Sessions, all code and classroom data will be shared in any of the shared medium like Logins / WhatsApp / Web Page or any other medium as preferred and informed by the faculty.
  21. Offer validity is revised from time to time, and parents are requested to check the current state at the time of registration.
  22. As this is Educate INDIA project, which is to provide Education in various Robotics and IT domain modules to the children of the country at very reasonable pricing and applicable Scholarships, the program works with limited resources to make it sustainable. So, parents and students are hereby requested to note that there won't be any personal individual communication, but we use Group messaging like WhatsApp or other suitable medium found from time to time, which the parents will be informed about. Assuring you that support will be there without fail, but delay in time is to be expected because of the flood of requests and responses and big number of students.
  23. Policy, Terms & Conditions are governed by Academy of Robotics and are revised from time to time. Parents and Students are advised to check from time to time on this public domain, and there won't be any alert or messages or broadcast or emails send for the revisions. All updates are done on this website / webpage, which are final and binding on all.
  24. Academy of Robotics Reserves the right to update any or all parts of this Policy without notice, the same will be published in this page.
  25. Academy of Robotics Pvt Ltd., HQ Visakhapatnam is overall in charge of the execution of this Educate INDIA program.
  26. Once courses under scholarship are booked & registered, it is final and no refunds & transfers entertained.
  27. The Stakeholders Reserve the complete rights to withdraw the campaign at anytime without giving prior notice. In this case, for Batches not started, complete fee paid will be refunded and any partial progress of batches will be completed in full without any disturbance.
  28. Any student, if discontinues because of their own reasons, will not be allowed for another batch. They need to re register as a fresh student for any courses if required. No refund or transfer to another batch entertained.
  29. Academy of Robotics or the Stakeholders reserve the complete right to reject an application before commencement of the course, and in such a case the total amount paid will be reimbursed.
  30. For an ongoing student, Academy of Robotics and the Stakeholders reserves all rights to debar or expel a student if found under the grounds of misconduct / criticism / sarcasm / nondisciplinary candidature / non respect / impatient / lack of interest or any reason that disturbs the integrity of the main purpose of this Educate INDIA movement without any notice. In such a case, it is up to the decision of the management to decide if the full fee or a portion of the fee can be refunded, maximum to the extent of pro rata course which is pending, excluding GST.
  31. Subjected to Visakhapatnam Jurisdiction. Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd., is final in all decisions.  All rights reserved by Academy of Robotics Pvt. Ltd.